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Balanceoil, thats the first choice,
we always recommend,
since Omega 3 is so Essential for good Health.
And this oil is test based.
If you order with test and the test Shows that your Omega3 
levels were good already, you even get your money back 👍

You can order it here without test and here with test and Refund warranty

If you hate to drink Oil, I first recommend Just to put it on your food, im shure you will love it. But they also offer capsules or in a non oily Form, which easily mixes with water

And what I personally prefer is their sustainable eco friendly Vegan Oil, that you can get as well with test or without test

Viva Affron

Single for 29 € or in a set

For the Natural solution for netter sleep, good mood and strong nerves click here

Micro- & Phytonutrients

Micronutrients you find here
you find here


The Betaglucane – Immunbooster you can buy here